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We provide a wide and interesting Curriculum to suit the lively curiosity and interests of a young child.  We have a core Curriculum which is based on the National Curriculum. 

Topic Work

Each term the children choose a topic for their learning and this is taught through an enquiry based approach, the children raise questions that they would like to find out about and they are taught through a skills based approach to find the answers. The topic integrates many aspects of the Curriculum including human and social skills, moral, cultural and spiritual education. At all stages we want to take the child’s experience and expand it further. We encourage independence, enthusiasm, creativity and the ability to be critical, to question and find out answers, to think logically and to gain confidence. We expect the children to reach their full potential both academically and socially.


The children are taught English daily covering objectives from the Hampshire Assessment Model for Reading and Writing which is delivered through 'Phases'.  They are also encouraged to communicate verbally, to increase their vocabulary, language and listening skills and to develop writing skills through talk as well as presentation and handwriting.  The school is very well resourced and a variety of approaches are used in teaching.  These include the use of ICT eg computers, television and digital cameras, as this encourages children to become effective readers, writers and communicators.  Other activities include extended writing concepts, individual and group reading, speaking and listening, and library.  English takes place all the time through other Curriculum areas.

The teaching of reading is based on understanding and applying phonics and using Oxford Reading Tree, which is supplemented by a wide variety of fiction and non fiction books at all levels.  Children work through the colour coded levels of the scheme at different rates and our aim is to produce competent and confident readers who can read purposefully and for pleasure.  Children have a reading book bag which should go home nightly, containing reading scheme books, library books, key words, spelling and sometimes maths homework sheets or activities.  However, it is not expected that a child will change reading books more than once per week.  Each classroom also contains a reading book corner where children can access a wide variety of texts within the classroom to share and enjoy.

Our core scheme is based on the National Curriculum and the Hampshire Model for Maths and Foundation Stage Curriculum and enhanced by games and problem solving activities. The children work through 'phases' aiming for 'Mastery' of key objectives by the end of the year.  Children will be given opportunities to do practical investigative and written work.  There is an emphasis placed on mental and oral work using a wide variety of strategies.  ICT is used also to support teaching and learning.

It is most important that the children develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and understand its use in everyday life whilst developing a fascination of the subject.
'Growing and learning together, to be the best we can be'
Inspire, Challenge, Enjoy, Engage