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Creatures Great and Small - Spring 2

This half term we turned our attention to looking at signs of spring, new life and all kinds of animals. This topic took us not only deeper into our back gardens but all around the world. We had the chance to explore different habitats, and look at the way the world grows and changes. By solidifying our phase 3 sounds in phonics, we could apply our topic knowledge to our writing and start to form longer and really interesting sentences!


Key Texts

Christopher's Caterpillar's

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The Koala Who Could


We started the half term with a very exciting project. To pair with our text, Christopher's Caterpillar's, each class had its own set of caterpillars. We kept them warm and learnt how to be gentle with them. We use exploring resources to look at them further and used our reading skills to do our own research using non-fiction books - we were really curious bears! Soon, they started to cocoon and change into chrysalides so we looked at the life cycle of a caterpillar to see what would come next. We also looked at mini beasts in our outside area and began to construct bug hotels where they could stay. We needed to think about the conditions that bugs like to live in and how we could recreate that. In maths, we explored the concept of symmetry by painting butterflies with symmetrical wings and practiced careful counting of different minibeast's legs to tell if they were insects or arachnids.


Following our exploration of minibeasts, we came to a classic text that has been around since the late 1960s: The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We practiced our story telling skills whilst learning about this book. Some of us used sequencing cards to put the story back in order and then orally tell others in our own words. Some of us made tiger masks and acted out the story in our roles play areas. To make these successfully, we had to follow a process and use our problem solving skills. For example, we had to think about the best way to attach the string so it would still fit around our heads and we had to figure out how we would get our scissors into the paper to cut the eyes out. We were resourceful beavers to do both of these things and had lots of fun acting out the story! To finish off the book, we made cupcakes for a tea party in our woodland area. Blending our sounds and practicing our handwriting, we wrote invitations to different staff members around the school to invite them. It gave us a chance to use tricky words such as 'to', 'I', 'my' and 'by'.


Finally, we visited Australia and read The Koala that Could. It mentioned different animals that live in Australia that we had never seen or heard about before. Luckily, we had used non-fiction texts to learn more about caterpillars earlier this half term so we could use those skills to learn more about Australian animals. Also, with the help and support of our teachers, we used purple mash to learn about where Australia was and why was it so warm there? We looked at different maps, both paper and computerised, and saw just how far Australia is! We looked at its flag, and a little bit about the history of Australia. During our story times and our circle times we looked at how Kevin the koala felt throughout the story and discussed why he did not want to come down from his tree despite his friends wanting to play with him. We pretended like we were Kevin and came up with reasons why he may be scared or not like change. Change can be scary but if you have fun friends around you, you can do anything you want!


We cannot believe we have come to the end of our second term at school. We are such resilient ants!