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Let's Celebrate- Autumn 2

This term we are looking at different ways to celebrate.   We have looked at birthday celebrations and how we celebrate in different ways throughout the year and for special occasions.   The children have sent in pictures of how they have celebrated at home.



Picture 1



We had a special visitor to the school who came in to talk to us about The Festival of Light celebrated by Hindus, called Diwali.   The children learned about how it is a happy time and a time to get together with family.  The festival celebrates Good defeating evil and the story of Rama and Seeta tells us all about this.
The children learned about all the traditions and made Diwali candle holders to hold light candles called Divas. They Decorate their houses with flowers and celebrate with a family meal made up of curries, rice and vegetables. We made our own fireworks in water, using colour and oil, just like a Diwali celebration using fireworks and sparklers.

Owl visit
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