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Celebrations, Light and Dark- Autumn 2

This half term is always one of the busiest and most exciting.  With so many things to celebrate the children have enjoyed exploring different festivals, including having parties, making present, writing cards, singing songs and sharing their own experiences.  

Kicking off the half term with birthdays, the children compared what they liked to do to mark the special occasion in their house.  This gave them the opportunity to speak in front of a group, ask questions, mark make and role play.  We then looked at bonfire night and Diwali, which gave them the perfect opportunity to explore colour, develop their skills in art and design, as well as learn about different beliefs and cultures, in addition to dipping their toes into the history of Guy Fawkes.  They were also very respectful of Poppy day and learnt about what this day is all about and why it is important to lots of people. Eventually we hit advent and Christmas!  Although we were unable to put on a nativity the children had lots of fun learning songs, role playing, creating lots of different Christmas items and decorations, as well as performing for you all on Tapestry.

We've also been learning the different Ranger Skills, including being a Resilient Ant, an Enthusiastic Otter, an Adaptable Spider and a Resourceful Beaver.  The children have been trying hard to apply these skills to their learning.

We hope the children have had as much fun as we have and manage to have some rest over the Christmas break.  They certainly deserve it!  Merry Christmas everyone and see you in the New Year!

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