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Ourselves and Bears - Autumn 1

What a fantastic start to the Autumn term! We have had an amazing time welcoming the children into school, helping them to learn about their new classes, as well as spending lots of time finding out what makes each and every one of them special and unique.  The chatterboxes they spent making and filling over the summer holidays have provided lots of opportunities to share their interests with us, as well as helping us to form good relationships with them.  Some of them were also brave enough to share their boxes in front of the class, which has helped them to listen to others, take turns and ask their own questions.


Together, we have also learnt the Ranger Rules and have been working really hard to follow them. 

Our Key Texts

You Choose

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Peace at Last

After exploring the 'You Choose' books to find out more about one another, we moved on to read, 'Were Going on a Bear Hunt' and 'Peace at Last'. The children had a blast learning all about bears, sharing their own experience of bear stories, including Goldilocks, as well as discovering some new ones.  With our key texts, we gave the children opportunities for lots of role playing, story mapping and retelling to develop their speaking and listening, as well as their reading skills.  We also fed each text into our maths by comparing bear sizes, sorting bears and counting bears.  In Ranger Time we built beds for Daddy bear, made capes and even created self portraits of our special teds from home.