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Ourselves and Bears - Autumn 1

What a fantastic start to the Autumn term! We have had an amazing time welcoming the children into school, helping them to learn about their new classes, as well as spending lots of time finding out what makes each and every one of them special and unique.  It has been fantastic to share the children's chatter bags and discover something about them.  Some of them were also brave enough to share their bags in front of the class, which has helped them to listen to others, take turns and ask their own questions.


Together, we have also learnt the Ranger Rules and have been working really hard to follow them. 

Our Key Texts


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Peace at Last

Bear's Don't Eat Egg Sandwiches


We have spent time enjoying a favourite story that we all know well - 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt!' We have gone on hunts around the school, finding out where different things are and even came across some chicks! We enjoyed bringing in our teddies from home. We shared them with our friends and talked about what was the same or different about them. We then had a go at painting pictures of our bears, looking carefully at the shapes and colours.    

We had fun exploring and making lots of sounds to go with the story, 'Peace at Last'. We learnt new words and made a class story map to help us retell the story. We thought about where bears really live and watched them via web cams.




Finally our last book this half term was really funny! We really enjoyed joining in with the repetitive phrase - 'Bear's Don't Eat Egg Sandwiches!'. So of course we had to make our own sandwiches, after writing some lists of course so that we could buy the right things from the shop.