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Superheroes - Spring 1

As we come back from a well deserved winter break, we start to look at a topic that is always a hit with our adventurous children....Superheroes! Whilst continuing to progress through Bug Club Phonics, we have been looking at all things super and what makes it so. 


Inkeeping with the 'super' theme, we have been discussing what the word 'special' means and things that are special to us. We have developed our communication and language skills through this and other discussions in class. This includes our Philosophy for Children sessions when we practice turn taking, respecting each other's views, letting other's finish explaining their thoughts and expressing opinions. These are all really important skills that can be tricky at first. However, we are resilient ants and know that practice makes perfect!


Key Texts:


Super Bat

Real Superheroes


This half term we started with a book that most of us were familiar with - Supertato! We found a letter from the Evil Pea telling us that he was hiding in our classrooms. We created traps to catch him and followed our plans, discussing ways that would make our trap successful. Using different vegetables we designed and made our own Super Veggies. We gave them masks and capes, super powers and a superhero name. They helped us catch that Evil Pea! We used our phonics and Kinetic handwriting to write comic book captions for different pictures from the Supertato story. The story of Supertato and his veggie friends helped us learn about healthy eating. We discussed the different types of food we need to grow big and strong, and how they help us do this. 


It was really fun reading Super Bat as we learnt alot of facts about bats that we did not know. Whilst reading Super Bat we explored forces and speed by making our own super bats. We made balancing bats which we had to balance on our finger. We made toilet tube bats that flew down pieces of string. The higher we held one end of the string, the faster they went! Using our drawing skills we developed by designing our super veggies, we created our own super heroes in different ways. Some of us painted, some of  us drew with pencil and some of us even used playdough. We used these superheroes to act out our own stories. In maths, we progressed on to learn about numbers 5-10. We were introduced to tens frames and started to notice number patterns such as pairs and groups of fives. We noticed that 2 fives frames makes a tens frame! We also explored capacity and practiced using words such as "full" "half full" and "empty".


Our final book of this half term was Real Superheroes. This taught us all about the people in society that help us such as fire fighters, doctors and nurses, refuse collectors and supermarket workers. This was a really exciting time for us as we had the fire department visit us at school! They brought their fire engine, we had a go at sounding the alarm, spraying the hose and trying on some uniform. We even got to sit in the engine! Most importantly, we learnt how quick fire fighters have to be when they hear of a fire. We took part in lots of role play of people who can help us. In our classrooms we had doctor's surgeries and police stations where we wrote prescriptions for our patients and we investigated crimes. We used what we learnt about different jobs to help us think about what we want to be when we are older. We wrote sentences about this and practiced using connectives such as "because" and "and".


What a jam packed half term we have had!