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Equality And Rights Advocates EARA

Equality and Rights Advocates will:

  • Promote the Equality Act                                                                               
  • Enhance pupil voice
  • Challenge discrimination and prejudice
  • Advocate for the rights of the child (UNCRC)
  • Encourage positive attitudes towards difference
  • Develop pupil confidence and life skills
  • Support vulnerable students
  • Increase participation and engagement

Autumn Term


The EARA group is established! 


We have two advocates from each class across Key Stage One who were elected by their class.

On Wednesday 10th November we met with our Primary EARA group network for the first time. We hosted the session and learnt lots about Equality and Rights. Please see the minutes of our meeting to find out more about what we got up to!


 ‘The children from Stoke Park Infant School were wonderful hosts and provided a large airy hall space with plenty of refreshments on hand to keep our EARA members energised and comfortable’. RADE news (Spring 2022).

Spring Term


We created our mission statement!


We got into groups and thought about the key ideas we wanted to be part of our ‘mission’ and used large pieces of sugar paper to make note of our ideas.


We have also been working really hard to make changes in our school. We noticed that the fruit and vegetables which our delivered to us are often in plastic which makes the food go mouldy quicker and is not very good for our environment. The children were very upset by this and decided we should do something about it. The EARA group took photographs of the fruit and vegetables and wrote letters to the supplier to see there is anything they can do to replace/stop the packaging. Look at their response below! 


Our next Primary EARA group meeting was held at Langrish Primary School in March 2022. We had to share the work we had been doing in our own schools to advocate for equality and diversity.

Summer Term


This term, we would really love to continue our work on the environment. We suggested doing a litter pick in Stoke Park Woods. Watch this space... 


Our next Primary EARA group meeting on scheduled for June 2022 at Hart Plain Junior School. We are looking forward to it!