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At Stoke Park Infant School  we provide opportunities for writing through our rich and stimulating curriculum. The writing in each year group covers a range of genres and is linked to our themes and topics. The English curriculum is planning using the HIAS Learning Journey model. Journeys are planned along the model of; Stimulate and Generate, Capture Sift and Create, Refine and Evaluate .

In Year R the children were interested in Superheroes so they read Supertato and created their own and wrote about what powers they had. In Year 1 whilst learning about castles and dragons the children read George and the Dragon and the children wrote letters to the dragon about his behaviour. In Year 2 whilst learning about creatures of the deep they read The Storm Whale and The Storm Whale in Winter and wrote their own story ending and created fact files about whales.

We pride ourselves in our approach to teaching English in that all children are exposed to high quality texts which stimulate and drive the writing process.





We follow the Kinetic Letters handwriting programme. All children have daily handwriting lessons.



In Year 1 and 2 the children learn how to spell common exception words and high frequency words by weekly spelling sentences which are based on the Common Exception Word list and the Letters and Sounds programme. These sentences are taken home to learn and are checked at school through application in their writing. 



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