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In year 2 we continue to provide the children with two
guided reading sessions a week. One with the class teacher and one with the teaching assistant. These sessions focus on teaching and practising new reading skills. A sticker or comment in your child’s reading diary will inform you which skills your child is currently working on. The children then select a book from the coloured book band boxes to then practise these skills at home. They will also choose a library book to either share with you or to read independently.


As children begin to become more confident and fluent readers they will become less reliant on using phonics as their main strategy to work out unfamiliar words. There will now be many words that they can now read ‘by sight’. In year 2 we move towards reading with accuracy and fluency. There is a list of year 1 and year 2 common exception words that your child needs to learn to read. They will be tested on them throughout
the year and if we feel they need to practise them we will staple them at the back of their reading diary. You can find these lists online or ask for a copy.


It is also important that children can answer questions and make simple inferences about what they have read. You can develop these skills by asking questions such as:

What did the character do that shows you he was scared/


Why do you think the character acted in the way that they

did? It goes without saying that we want the children to love

reading and that it should be an enjoyable experience. Please

continue to read to your child as well. No one is ever too old for

a bedtime story!






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