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School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvement plan is the main driver towards school improvement and its implementation is monitored by school governors. School improvement planning is a continuous process, consequently, this school improvement plan may alter over the year, as evaluations and reviews take place. Through a constant process of school self evaluation and reflection we identify key areas for the year.


This year we have 2 main areas and 2 subsidiary areas:-

Key Action 1

To raise the profile of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) across the school

Key Action 2 -

To ensure that our curriculum is always inspiring and creative for all children

Key Action 3

To improve children's attendance so that attendance is in line or above the national average (96%)

Key Action 4

To develop and embed strategies that will promote a resilient school


'Growing and learning together, to be the best we can be'
Inspire, Challenge, Enjoy, Engage